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Brush Pick Up
Service Details
The City of Plymouth provides a brush chipping service for all city residents. This is at no additional cost to residents and is used as a way to dispose of a few limbs that residents have trimmed from their yard.

These services are not available to tree removal or trimming contractors.

This is a year round service designed to pick up larger limbs and branches. The schedule is as follows: 
  • If your address is in area A, municipal services crews will be in your area the first full week of the month.
  • If your address is in area B, municipal services crews will be in your area the second full week of the month.
  • If your address is in area C, municipal services crews will be in your area the third full week of the month.
  • If your address is in area D, Municipal Services crews will be in your area the fourth full week of the month.
All items placed to the curb for brush chipping must be at the curb prior to 7:00 A.M. on MONDAY of your designated week.

Click here for the 2019 schedule

Brush Chipping Restrictions & Limitations
Whole trees: Trees must be cut into pieces that a single adult would be able to maneuver into a chipper. Piles of branches may not be stacked to a height greater than 5 feet in height. There is no maximum length for brush and branches to be chipped.

No city bags or tags are required for any brush pick up. There is also no need to notify municipal services of limbs at the curb. The schedule is subject to change due to city staffing levels, equipment, weather events, etc.

  • Root balls: Make sure all dirt / rocks are knocked off. Place them at the curb. DMS staff will handle periodically.

Compost Collection Requirements
The option to dispose of brush on your regular trash day with compost is available April to November. Brush put out for compost collection must fit the following restrictions: 
  • Bundled using rope, twine, or string or in a container clearly marked
  • "Yard waste" or "compost" or in a Kraft-style compost bag
  • Not more than 4 feet in length
  • Individual pieces may not exceed 2 inches in diameter

Christmas Tree Collection
Residents can place trees at curbside during the first two weeks of January for special compost pick up. The following are not allowed
  • Plastic tree bags
  • Stands
  • Lights
  • Ornaments
  • Bags over the trees
Department of Municipal Services
Solid Waste / Recycling
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Plymouth, MI 48170

Ph: (734) 453-7737
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