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Plan Review & Inspection Policy
Engineering Plan Review & Inspection Fee Policy
The following policy shall pertain to the calculation, notification, and collection of engineering and inspection fees for private developments in the City of Plymouth reviewed by the city engineering consultant.

Section 1: When Required
Engineering plan review shall be required for the following types of improvements:
  • Any addition or change to a water main or sanitary sewer line that requires the approval of the City of Detroit /  Wayne County or the State of Michigan
  • Storm sewer collection systems for commercial, industrial, and multiple family residential developments
  • New streets and roadways in private developments that connect to dedicated public streets

Full time inspection provided by the city engineer shall be required on sanitary sewer and water lines requiring state, count,y or DWSD approvals. Inspection of sanitary sewer and water lines not requiring state, Wayne County, or DWSD approvals and storm sewers, streets, paving, sidewalks, and soil erosion and sedimentation Control shall be completed by the Building Department.

Section 2: Procedure
  • All plans submitted shall be provided with a certified cost estimate prepared by the Michigan Registered Professional Engineer responsible for the project drawings. Each item of work, or pay item intended to be included in the project or public improvement as defined above in Section 1, shall be included in the cost estimate. The cost summary shall be signed, sealed, dated, and show in tabular format the pay item number according MDOT specifications, the pay item name in full, the unit of measure, the estimated quantity, and the standard unit price.
  • The total cost of each pay item shall be calculated by multiplying the quantity used by the standard unit price. The preliminary cost estimate shall be tabulated by row with a total cost displayed at the bottom of the calculated cost column. The total cost shall be multiplied by 3% with the product rounded to the nearest dollar, (minimum of 5% ($2,500) for cost estimates less than $50,000).
  • The developer or his agent shall submit three copies of construction drawings and supporting calculations and exhibits for review by the city engineer. A certified lump sum cost estimate, based upon the anticipated plan quantities shown on the construction drawings, shall be submitted as a "preliminary project cost estimate" with the drawings and an initial payment of the plan review fee in an amount of 70% of the anticipated final plan review fee.
  • The city engineer shall review the plans and the preliminary cost estimate and make a report to the developer with a copy to the Building Department. The city engineer shall notify the Building Department of the required preliminary fee amount or any discrepancies in the cost estimate so that the Building Department may collect the required fee from the developer.
  • If the plans are not approved or require revisions, or the preliminary estimate needs to be revised, the developer shall make the necessary revisions and resubmit to the engineer.
  • A final certified cost estimate shall be submitted based upon the final approved plan quantities shown on the construction drawings approved by the appropriate review agencies. The amount of the previously submitted fees shall be subtracted from the final estimated total cost to determine the balance of plan review fees due.
  • When the plans are approved, the developer shall schedule a pre-construction meeting with the city and the city engineer and prior to the meeting the developer shall inform the city engineer of the number of construction days for sanitary sewer and water main installation to enable the city engineer to provide an inspector and determine the estimated inspection costs for the installation of the improvements.
  • The fees for the inspector shall be based on the standard daily fee for an inspector as charged by the city engineer, (as approved by the City Commission) for one inspector and shall be deposited with the city prior to the beginning of the installation work. The number of inspectors shall be limited to one. The use of additional inspectors is subject to the review and authorization of the Building Department.
  • The inspection fee and the balance of the plan review fee shall be submitted for payment to the Building Department no later than the pre-construction meeting. In the event that a pre-construction meeting is not held, fees must be submitted to the Building Department prior to the start of construction operations.
  • All funds shall be kept in a separate account for the specific project.
  • The engineer shall provide detailed monthly billing statements to the city, with copies to the Building Department, to allow the developer to be billed for any additional inspection days not covered in the previous estimate.
  • Site visits by city engineer personnel other than the designated inspector shall not be charged to the inspection account. All site visits by city engineer personnel other than the inspector shall be considered paid by the original plan review percentage fee, unless specifically authorized in advance by the city.
  • Copies of all inspection reports shall be provided to the City of Plymouth Building Department on a weekly basis.
  • Any issues or problems found during the construction process by the city engineer’s inspector shall be brought immediately to the attention of the Building or Municipal Services departments. It shall then be determined if there is a necessity to contact the city engineer for correction or consultation on the issue. Any consultation authorized and approved by the City of Plymouth, and only those authorized and approved, will be paid according to the current fee schedule of the city engineer.
  • The engineer shall only charge for actual work performed at the request of the city for inspection and plan review. Work performed by the engineer at the request of the contractor or developer shall not be paid from deposited funds.
  • Upon completion and final acceptance of the project, any unused inspection deposit monies shall be returned to the developer.
  • Field changes and adjustments to plan design resulting in changes to approved plan quantities during construction shall not cause changes in the required plan review fee already submitted.

Adopted on February 6, 2006
James Penn
Chief Building Official

201 S. Main
Plymouth, MI 48170

Ph: (734) 453-1234 ext. 232
Code Enforcement ext. 231
Inspectors ext. 232
Fx: (734) 455-1824