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City Commission
City Commissioners

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The City Commission is made up of seven residents who then elect a mayor to lead the meetings and perform other ceremonial functions. Members of the City Commission may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms of office. City elections are generally held in the "off year" cycle of national and state elections. Generally there are four seats on the Commission that are available at each election. City Commissioners are elected at large on a citywide basis.

The Seal of the City of Plymouth, Michigan

City of Plymouth
2016 Goals

Plymouth City Commission

November 2016 Goal Update

1) Resolve Last Issues Regarding Dissolution of Plymouth Community Fire Department Agreement (Primarily Pension issues)
Goal Champions: Dalton, Dwyer, Pobur

In order to move this goal along, the City of Plymouth developed a formula to apply to outstanding legacy costs and then, in collaboration with the Township Supervisor, we applied to formula to fire department retirement related health care costs.  In mid-June, the parties reached a resolution regarding outstanding debt for all related health care claims made by the Township prior to December 31, 2015.  On June 20th the City Commission unanimously passed a resolution to pay the township $303,558.22 related to that negotiated agreement. The Township approved a corresponding resolution on July 19, 2016 and payment was made to the township on August 10, 2016.

We believed that we had an agreed upon formula to cover future health care costs. The Township requested that we make those ongoing payments into the Township MERS account. After a review of that request, on July 21, 2016 the City Attorney advised the township attorney that we could not approve of that request as it was not in the best interest of the city. However, our attorney ended that email as follows; “Please let me know when Plymouth Township is ready to continue working with the City of Plymouth to finalize this portion of the resolution of post-termination health care costs relative to the Fire Services Agreement.  The city received no reply other than a phone call advising that the Township Supervisor was in the midst of a election campaign and they would get back to us.  

Without any further communication, the Township board voted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 to file a lawsuit against the City regarding this matter.  That lawsuit was filed November 3, 2016.  We anticipate a much more productive and cordial negotiation once the new Township Board is seated in mid-November.


2) Work Collaboratively with Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex (PARC) organization, the Plymouth Canton School Board, and the greater Plymouth Community to continue the repurposing of Central Middle School into a high quality Arts & Recreation Complex.
Goal Champions: Dalton, Deal, Dwyer

3) Developing a succession plan for the city’s key employees, especially considering the long tenures of many of our senior staff.
Goal Champions: Deal, Pobur, Valenti

4) Develop funding plan for future capital improvements.
Goal Champions: Pobur, Wolcott, Wright

Goal eliminated by Commission vote on August 15th

5) Work collaboratively with the DDA, community leaders, and other organizations to plan for Plymouth’s 150th Birthday in 2017.  This includes obtaining funding for new Kellogg Park FountainandKelloggParkupgrades.

After a community meeting on October 10th, and in conjunction with continued feedback from many residents and visitors to the downtown area, we are shifting our focus to a phased approach to improvements in Kellogg Park. The first phase will focus solely on the fountain, and the design and implementation of that area specifically. Within the next few weeks (date TBD), a workshop group (open to the public) will once again gather to review and discuss several fountain designs to move forward with. That recommendation will go to the DDA for formal approval and the Fountain Upgrades will then begin. The second phase to potential Kellogg Park improvements will not commence until late spring or summer of 2017 at which time the community will have the opportunity to offer their suggestions on how to improve the areas outside the Fountain that need multi-functional, aesthetic, and ADA improvements. No decisions will be made, or plans approved on those second phase of improvements until said community meeting is had.

A Citywide Celebration

Plymouth’s 150 Birthday Celebration is still in process of finalizing and formalizing several events leading up to the summer of 2017.  Street Marketing, a reputable marketing company who the DDA partnered with, has been assisting in the development and implementation of those events.  Several celebrations are being planned to invite the community to learn more about the City’s 150th Birthday Celebration and the Kellogg Park Fountain Upgrades and how they can be involved.  As we cross-over into the new year, we will have those dates, venues, and event details to share.

Goals added by Commission vote on August 15th

4) Work collaboratively with the DDA and other boards related to parking issues including, but not limited to, the expansion of parking in the Downtown.

Goal Champions: Dwyer, Wolcott and Wright

6) Develop an Ordinance to help address and preserve the City's Tree Canopy.

Goal Champions: Dwyer, Dalton, Valenti

A first reading of a proposed tree ordinance occurred at the November Planning Commission Meeting

Plymouth City Hall

201 S. Main
Plymouth, MI 48170

Ph: (734) 453-1234
Fx: (734) 455-1892